Ellison Bluff County Park offers awe-inspiring views including sunsets and photographic opportunities of the cliffs, Green Bay waters and the many Green Bay Islands.

LIBERTY GROVE TOWNSHIP — Ellison Bluff County Park is off the beaten path, yet has one of the most spectacular view of Green Bay from anywhere in the Door.

The park features vertical limestone bluffs rising up from the water, and an overlook allowing visitors an eagle’s eye view.


Accessible only by a gravel road, the preserve is Door County’s second largest park.

The high limestone cliffs of the park are a part of the Niagara Escarpment, formed through sediment deposited by glacial inland seas, according Door County’s park website.

White cedar, Canada yew, mountain maple, red pine, basswood and red elderberry grow on the sheer face of the cliffs, anchoring their roots in small crevices with little soil.  One cedar species was determined to be over 250 years old.

There is no access to the water as the bluff is in excess of 100 feet high and parallels the shoreline throughout the entire park.

The park includes both improved, handicap accessible trails as well as natural hiking trails.  

A scenic hiking trail from the picnic area towards the eastern park boundary along the bluff may offer a view overlooking Green Bay and Ellison Bay. 

By Carly Renguette - Door County Shore Report

Digital and social media producer